Dumpster Divers & My Girl (Daz My Gyual)

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Dumpster Divers & My Girl (Daz My Gyual)

It’s our season finale! Can you believe it? We’re sorry to spring this on you but, to be fair, it took us by surprise as well.

In true Criminally Clueless Podcast fashion we are ending the season with a bang …..sort of. Shaunelle kicks the episode off by introducing Susana (and now you) to one of the most depraved terms she’s ever learned. For sensitivity sake the actual definition of the term has been cut from the episode but Susana’s response is enough to tell you NOT to look it up. If you do look it up, we’re sorry. Feel free to leave an angry message in the comments.

Susana’s last case of the season involves a disturbing find in a local New Mexico dumpster and the contents, of said dumpster, would cast serious doubt on whether or not the young mother involved was acting out of fear and not malice.

Then Shaunelle closes out the season with a case of two young lovers who met on the internet. Lies and betrayal tore them apart but it was revenge that would rip the mask off their romance and cost an innocent man his life.

*Susana’s sources will follow*

Check out our sources below:


Online Love Between Talhotblond and Thomas Montgomery Ends in Murder


Alexis Avila: Video Shows Teen Mom Putting Baby in Dumpster, Police Say





The Case of Two Els’ & A Body Is A Body

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
The Case of Two Els' & A Body Is A Body

Update; in this episode we mention a story about some children being chased by a woman with a knife. Further details have come out and it seems the children got into a fictitious altercation with the accused son. This still does not justify the use of racial slurs or chasing children with a knife so we stand by most of what we said

This week we kick things off with a well intentioned, albeit misplaced, apology to the blind/visually impaired community of Trinidad and Tobago…….they know Shaunelle is sorry so we’ll leave it at that.

This rough start also came along with a tale of a mysterious horse death, a racist chasing children with knives and bad parenting. If you think any of the aforementioned topics will piss you off this may not be the episode for you.

Shaunelle leads with her case of an adventurous Els Van Doren and her last skydiving attempt. What could’ve been a case of misfortune was soon unraveled as a case of revenge ….or so the evidence suggested.

Then Susana hits us with something that’s not her usual style. Not to give anything away but she uses the phrase “tasted her brains” so just know you may leave this episode with no appetite.

Check out our sources below:







Where Is Kevin Davis Now?


5/12 & A Few Clueless Criminals

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
5/12 & A Few Clueless Criminals

Be warned, we re-recorded the lost episode from last week and had lots to unpack including 2 (yes two) stories of road rage with drastically different endings. The actual content doesn’t start until around min 22.

With that said, Susana kicks us off with a tragic story of how a family was almost completely wiped out by a person who allowed their ego in the driver’s seat. As if that wasn’t enough it wouldn’t be a Susana case if you didn’t leave absolutely gutted at the penalty or lack thereof.

Then Shaunelle lightens the mood with a repeat of her clueless cases from last week. Luckily Susana still thought they were pretty entertaining.

Check out our sources below:


Ontario father whose 3 children were killed by drunk driver in 2015 dies by suicide


The 12 Richest Ontarians Living Outside of Toronto: Their Net Worth and How They Made Their Money






La Bruja & Teen-age (not Teenagers)

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
La Bruja & Teen-age (not Teenagers)

As usual, lots going on around here. We have a Boni update, proof of why you may not be able to trust Uber Eats and we saw Chris Rock’s stand-up (we don’t talk about that in this episode but we just had to let you know).

Shaunelle is up to bat first with a tale of a Malaysian witch named Mona Fandey. She was the originator of main character energy and wasn’t going to let something small like murder stop her from being the star she was born to be.

Then Susana follows with a story of a young woman who was In Love. A love to end all loves. She was in a bad situation and luckily she had a brave boyfriend who was prepared to do anything, and we mean anything, to save her.

Check out our sources below:



5 Lesser Known Facts about Witchcraft Killer – Mona Fandey


Also feel free to check out this other podcasts as a resource: https://thecasualcriminalist.com/podcasts/mona-fandey-pop-princess-turned-black-magic-killer/


Man sentenced in connection with beating death


The Uber Ride & The Roof

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
The Uber Ride & The Roof

Annnnnddddd we’re back! Although Shaunelle is still under the weather we are able to churn out this masterpiece of an episode. Lots of drama in this one.

Shaunelle is up first with a case of a young woman who was betrayed by her long term boyfriend. The set-up and execution would shock a nation and although her boyfriend thought he would get away with murder it seems that old adage “your friends will take you but won’t bring you back” was true for one friend caught in this scheme.

Then Susana brings us a case of a woman who moved to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, since this is an episode of betrayal you should expect that this little ole lady was hurt by someone she never expected.

Check out our sources below:







Muzikayise Malephane wrote a letter apologising for killing Tshegofatso Pule














Tshegofatso Pule Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography, Death & More




A Troubled Teen & If Gym Walls Could Talk

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
A Troubled Teen & If Gym Walls Could Talk

Heavy, heavy, heavy episode this week! Your hosts have once again stumbled into a bit of a theme both covering crimes involving teens.

Susana captivates us first with the murder of Elizabeth Olten who was lured to her death by the least likely criminal mastermind. This case is truly eerie and we fully believe if the killer wasn’t caught many more would’ve lost their lives.

Then Shaunelle follows with the alarming case of Kendrick Johnson. His death was categorized as an accident but all of the evidence suggested otherwise. You listen for yourself and give us your take.

Check out our sources below and please be aware that some of the images associated with the Kendrick Johnson case are very graphic.

The documentary for the Kendrick Johnson case is called Finding Kendrick Johnson and is available on Prime in some regions.












The Pig Farm & It’s Hard Being A Woman

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
The Pig Farm & It's Hard Being A Woman

Quality warning: for some reason the echo is back this week as well as a lot of background noise mostly brought to you by our butts on the recording chairs. Please forgive us.

First up, Shaunelle brings us the infamous case of Susan Monica and her pig farm of horrors. Acres of horrors in fact, as Susan had a habit of offering people a fresh start but that start often came with a catch : you wouldn’t escape the farm with your life.

Then Susana follows with not one but two stories of women who were likely betrayed by people around them. In one case we find out what happens when a “medical professional” plays roulette with a woman’s reproductive health and in the other we’re left wondering whether or not foul play was involved in the disappearance of a young woman on the streets of Mexico.

*Susana’s additional sources will be coming shortly

Check out our sources below:


‘Transgender’ Farmer, Veteran Killed Two Employees, Fed Bodies to Pigs

Jury deliberates 1 hour before convicting Oregon farmer of killing 2 men, feeding them to pigs

Serial killer Susan Monica found guilty on all charges, gets 50 years




Debanhi Escobar identification found more than 20 kilometers from where her body was found




Melissa Lucio & The Interrogation

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Melissa Lucio & The Interrogation

Today we bring you two cases which were critically affected by police interrogations. In one case, we’re not sure if the police used their bad cop routine to force a false confession and in the other, the bad cop routine may have cost someone their quality of life.

Susana is up first with the media heavy case of Melissa Lucio and the death of her daughter Mariah. We could all agree that Melissa wouldn’t be winning mother of the year any time soon but did that mean she killed her daughter ?

Then, Shaunelle covers the heartbreaking case of Ryan Waller who was interrogated by police for the murder of his girlfriend Heather Quan. What seemed like a straightforward case of domestic violence was anything but and in the end it was clear the police wasted crucial time getting to the bottom of things.

Check out our sources below:






Ryan Waller Arizona Story, What Happened, Injuries, Dead or Alive?


View at Medium.com

Believers & Chrystul Kizer

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Believers & Chrystul Kizer

We cover heavy, somewhat political themes in this episode. You’ve been warned.

First up, Shaunelle tackles conspiracy theories and unravels the disturbing and incredibly sad case of the Coleman family. As all these stories go, from the outside looking in you’d think they had everything but the twist in their fairytale came when they let obsession and conspiracy ruin any chances of that picture perfect life.

Then Susana covers the case of Chrystul Kizer who faced similar challenges to the now infamously released sex trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown. We usually like to let lady justice have her say first but given the details we’re hoping Chrystul’s case gets viewed with some fresh eyes.

Check out our sources below:













31 Things You Need To Know About The Chrystul Kizer Case (Video)

The Nanny & A Collection of Clueless Criminals

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
The Nanny & A Collection of Clueless Criminals

Sorry for the delay on this one.

We were victims of a mini machine uprising this week when our computer seemed to have a life of its own and decided to reject our audio. Luckily we learned from the IT Crowd that most issues could be solved by turning devices on and off again so the audio was saved.

Susana starts us off with a case of a horrible nanny and a case of the worst revenge in response to a workplace grievance. The krims hired a recommended nanny and welcomed her into their home and into their lives. Unfortunately, this family would be nearly destroyed at the hands of a disgruntled worker who they came to care for as one of their own.

Then Shaunelle follows with a welcomed reprieve from Susana’s story with a little birthday collection of Clueless Criminals. We’re the perfect balance of serious and silly and you won’t want to miss it.

Check out our sources below:





Deaf Bank Robber



Fake Officer Arrested After He Pulled Over Real Detective in Traffic Stop, Say Deputies