The Best Revenge & Rough Sex

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
The Best Revenge & Rough Sex

Soooooo that break took longer than expected. What can we say? It was tax season, people had teeth removed and other people got horribly sick. It’s been a wild few weeks but we made it!

Susana is up first with a truly AMAZING story of the life and trials of a woman named Kenya who was let down by her family and the system and judged and discriminate against for her transgendered status. This one is one for the books.

Then Shaunelle covers the case of an unusual death or rather an unusual murder defense to say the least. This case raised the question of “how big is too big?!” and Susana for one, would like evidence to make her decision.

Check out our sources below:

Murder Suspect Wants To Use Penis As Evidence In Court

Man Acquitted of Murder After Defense Backs Off From Oral Sex Defense

Pride Month: Kenya Cuevas and Latin America’s “Historic Debt” with Trans Women

The story of Kenya Cuevas and Mexico’s first shelter for trans women 

Incumple Fiscalía recomendación de derechos humanos por transfeminicidio

Esta es la historia de Kenya Cuevas

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  1. Great cases. Although Kenya had a difficult start I am happy she was strong enough to survive and make a difference. I also want to see Richard’s penis. Lol.

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