Red Flags & Collateral

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Red Flags & Collateral

We’ve been delinquent that’s true but we’ve definitely missed you – a poem by Criminally Clueless

In keeping with our tradition of being consistently inconsistent, this week we debate which episode we’re even on and if that doesn’t set the tone for the season we don’t know what will.

First up, Susana brings us the tragic case of a woman who settled. That’s right she could’ve done much better but she settled for the sake of those she loved and unfortunately this resulted in her being the victim of the ultimate act of revenge.

Then Shaunelle takes us all the way back to one of the worst aviation accidents in Canadian history. The convoluted tale behind the deaths of 23 passengers would have you questioning the lengths people would go to get what they want.

***Please enjoy the calming sounds of Susana fighting for her life against some sniffles throughout Shaunelle’s case. Unfortunately, it could not be edited out.

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  1. Welcome back Ladies! Your voices were missed. Don’t know if you realized it, but your stories were similar in that these men went to great lengths for their selfishness. Those children, those people on the flight were all collateral. I’d love to visit the crash site though.
    When are you doing live shows?

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