Bad Luck (Bad Decisions) & System S*&t

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Bad Luck (Bad Decisions) & System S*&t

We’ve been through it!!!!!! But things are better and we are not only thriving but also happier.

Disclaimer: Susana hysterically laughs in the first 5 secs of this episode. Adjust your audio accordingly.

Shaunelle is up first with a story of desperation honestly and the lengths people will go to be successful as well as to settle debts.

Then Susana takes us through a case that is about a topic we NEVER planned to talk about (i.e. a mass shooting). With that said, her take on a deeply sensitive issue revealed that, in this case, the system was the biggest contributor to a horrible crime that could’ve been prevented.

Check out our sources below:

Huong Ly and Long Nguyen Murders: Where is Dephne Wright Now?

Murder of Huong Lee and Long Nyugen by Dephne Wright investigated on Texas Murder Mystery on ID

As per usual Susana’s sources to follow

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