The Quadrangle (Square) & Only 12

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
The Quadrangle (Square) & Only 12

We’re back! Sorry for the unexpected intermission, Susana had a small family emergency (it’s all good now) and our schedule just didn’t allow for proper editing. Anywayyyyyyyy, enough with the excuses, as a treat, we kicked off this episode with the long awaited apology from Shaunelle to ………. everyone.

Heads up we have a longer than usual episode for you and the content starts around the 20 mins mark butttttt, it’s worth it because we have have two interesting cases of deception for you.

Shaunelle is up first with a case of a woman who was never satisfied; ot with her first man, her second man or the thought of not getting her third. Some would argue she was just a lover who wasn’t blessed enough to find Mr right. Others would argue she wasn’t right for anybody and should’ve stopped looking. The case of an intelligent woman who orchestrated a stupid cover up awaits.

Then Susana follows with her bread and butter aka horribly offensive cases about abuse of power and sexual assault. This case is worse than most because the abuser in question was a man of the cloth and it took wayyyyy too long for the Church and the authorities to end his reign of terror.

Check out our sources below:

Anna Lisa Raymundo Murder: Where is Sheila Davalloo Now?

One thought on “The Quadrangle (Square) & Only 12”

  1. Great episodes ladies!! I missed you! You know every time I hear or read about a case like Shaun’s I think. Why don’t you just leave? Aahh! Then we have Pedophile Paul. OMG! I’ve never used a phone booth in my life..thank God. I have seen ppl masturbate in the one in Curepe. Grossssssss!
    Congrats on your new home Susana.

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