Dumpster Divers & My Girl (Daz My Gyual)

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Dumpster Divers & My Girl (Daz My Gyual)

It’s our season finale! Can you believe it? We’re sorry to spring this on you but, to be fair, it took us by surprise as well.

In true Criminally Clueless Podcast fashion we are ending the season with a bang …..sort of. Shaunelle kicks the episode off by introducing Susana (and now you) to one of the most depraved terms she’s ever learned. For sensitivity sake the actual definition of the term has been cut from the episode but Susana’s response is enough to tell you NOT to look it up. If you do look it up, we’re sorry. Feel free to leave an angry message in the comments.

Susana’s last case of the season involves a disturbing find in a local New Mexico dumpster and the contents, of said dumpster, would cast serious doubt on whether or not the young mother involved was acting out of fear and not malice.

Then Shaunelle closes out the season with a case of two young lovers who met on the internet. Lies and betrayal tore them apart but it was revenge that would rip the mask off their romance and cost an innocent man his life.

*Susana’s sources will follow*

Check out our sources below:


Online Love Between Talhotblond and Thomas Montgomery Ends in Murder


Alexis Avila: Video Shows Teen Mom Putting Baby in Dumpster, Police Say





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