The Case of Two Els’ & A Body Is A Body

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
The Case of Two Els' & A Body Is A Body

Update; in this episode we mention a story about some children being chased by a woman with a knife. Further details have come out and it seems the children got into a fictitious altercation with the accused son. This still does not justify the use of racial slurs or chasing children with a knife so we stand by most of what we said

This week we kick things off with a well intentioned, albeit misplaced, apology to the blind/visually impaired community of Trinidad and Tobago…….they know Shaunelle is sorry so we’ll leave it at that.

This rough start also came along with a tale of a mysterious horse death, a racist chasing children with knives and bad parenting. If you think any of the aforementioned topics will piss you off this may not be the episode for you.

Shaunelle leads with her case of an adventurous Els Van Doren and her last skydiving attempt. What could’ve been a case of misfortune was soon unraveled as a case of revenge ….or so the evidence suggested.

Then Susana hits us with something that’s not her usual style. Not to give anything away but she uses the phrase “tasted her brains” so just know you may leave this episode with no appetite.

Check out our sources below:

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