5/12 & A Few Clueless Criminals

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
5/12 & A Few Clueless Criminals

Be warned, we re-recorded the lost episode from last week and had lots to unpack including 2 (yes two) stories of road rage with drastically different endings. The actual content doesn’t start until around min 22.

With that said, Susana kicks us off with a tragic story of how a family was almost completely wiped out by a person who allowed their ego in the driver’s seat. As if that wasn’t enough it wouldn’t be a Susana case if you didn’t leave absolutely gutted at the penalty or lack thereof.

Then Shaunelle lightens the mood with a repeat of her clueless cases from last week. Luckily Susana still thought they were pretty entertaining.

Check out our sources below:


Ontario father whose 3 children were killed by drunk driver in 2015 dies by suicide


The 12 Richest Ontarians Living Outside of Toronto: Their Net Worth and How They Made Their Money






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  1. As usually your episodes are worth the wait! I appreciate your honesty and comments with what needs to be said. It’s unfortunate that a dumb criminal got the same amount of time as a MURDERER! I’ll continue sharing your link. you guys are AWESOME!

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