Man-eater & Nasty Venezuelan’s

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Man-eater & Nasty Venezuelan's

To further Susana’s education with English as a second language in this episode she learns two new words: convoluted and cuckolded… usual with us, context is important.

Up first, Shaunelle brings us the drama laden case of the murder of Howard Witkin. What’s that saying? too many cooks spoil the hit ?

Then Susana gives us the case of a notorious serial rapist in Caracas Venezuela. The case is spanish but abuse of power is never lost in translation.

Check out our sources below:

Journalist Reflects on Covering a Grisly Case With Detroit Jewish Connections

La cifra de mujeres vi0l@d@s por Emery Hernández Tovar que conmociona a Venezuela

Emery Hernández, el violador serial de Caracas: Un historial de abusos sexuales

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