A Troubled Teen & If Gym Walls Could Talk

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
A Troubled Teen & If Gym Walls Could Talk

Heavy, heavy, heavy episode this week! Your hosts have once again stumbled into a bit of a theme both covering crimes involving teens.

Susana captivates us first with the murder of Elizabeth Olten who was lured to her death by the least likely criminal mastermind. This case is truly eerie and we fully believe if the killer wasn’t caught many more would’ve lost their lives.

Then Shaunelle follows with the alarming case of Kendrick Johnson. His death was categorized as an accident but all of the evidence suggested otherwise. You listen for yourself and give us your take.

Check out our sources below and please be aware that some of the images associated with the Kendrick Johnson case are very graphic.

The documentary for the Kendrick Johnson case is called Finding Kendrick Johnson and is available on Prime in some regions.












One thought on “A Troubled Teen & If Gym Walls Could Talk”

  1. Needed time after listening to these before I could comment. Alyssa although a baby herself, was as heartless as they come. We can make excuses for her journey into the world, but there are many other who survived similar circumstances and they did not did holes or bury babies. I saw the documentary for KJ and after crying through the podcast, I cried through that too. You’re right Susana, it is unfathomable that there could be such disregard for a life because of colour, but it has been the way of things for years ” R W P” is real and will stay.

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