The Pig Farm & It’s Hard Being A Woman

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
The Pig Farm & It's Hard Being A Woman

Quality warning: for some reason the echo is back this week as well as a lot of background noise mostly brought to you by our butts on the recording chairs. Please forgive us.

First up, Shaunelle brings us the infamous case of Susan Monica and her pig farm of horrors. Acres of horrors in fact, as Susan had a habit of offering people a fresh start but that start often came with a catch : you wouldn’t escape the farm with your life.

Then Susana follows with not one but two stories of women who were likely betrayed by people around them. In one case we find out what happens when a “medical professional” plays roulette with a woman’s reproductive health and in the other we’re left wondering whether or not foul play was involved in the disappearance of a young woman on the streets of Mexico.

*Susana’s additional sources will be coming shortly

Check out our sources below:

‘Transgender’ Farmer, Veteran Killed Two Employees, Fed Bodies to Pigs

Jury deliberates 1 hour before convicting Oregon farmer of killing 2 men, feeding them to pigs

Serial killer Susan Monica found guilty on all charges, gets 50 years

Debanhi Escobar identification found more than 20 kilometers from where her body was found

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  1. I knew the story of Susan/ Stephen – but the way you told it took it to a whole new level. Birth control via lollipop…omg! My co-worker’s sister went to Venezuela to get a boob job and almost died bc the “surgeon” used packing bubbles instead of silicone… Will wait for more info on Debanhi. If she did die by accident at least her party never stopped.

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