Overboard & Dr Oxy

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Overboard & Dr Oxy

Once again, without planning it, we stumbled upon a theme and today’s episode is sort of the bad ex-husband episode of the season.

In our first case, Shaunelle messes with Susana, and her travel plans, by talking about a murder on the high seas. Micki Kanesaki was just trying to relax and rekindle the relationship with her ex Lonnie. But it seems Lonnie had other plans for the vacation and instead of romance Micki got murder.

Then Susana is up next with a case of a woman who loved to support veterans and loved her Corvettes. Unfortunately, she was also being duped by her husband into thinking he was someone he wasn’t. This deceit didn’t need to turn into much more but over inflated egos, stolen valor, motorcycle gangs and an Oxy drug ring is a bad combination.

Check out our sources below:



‘Almost Got Away With the Perfect Crime’: Attorney Gets Life in Prison for Ex-Wife’s Cruise Ship Murder

Irvine Attorney Convicted in Ex-Wife’s Cruise Ship Murder




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  1. The lengths people go to…wow! I know you say you don’t reveal your cases but ever so often your themes are so similar – Imagine all these two men had to do was WALK AWAY and leave these women THE FUCK ALONE! Love it!

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