Heist 1969 & Three is a crowd

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Heist 1969 & Three is a crowd

It felt like it took forever to get here but we’re back for season 2

If you’ve seen our Instagram post, we’ve had some serious personal / family matters pop up and as a result this release is long overdue. However, it’s here now and we’re grateful for all the people who’ve stuck with us eagerly waiting for us to get our shit together. Loss is never easy but the show must go on as they say and ultimately we’re happy to be back.

Please note: The ever present echo, which we’ve likened to audio herpes, is back and as usual we don’t know what to do but we’re rolling with it.

Susana is up first with a non murderous tale (surprise) of a man who followed through with a thought all of us have had at one point or another. “What would happen if I just………..” This man, not only followed through, but managed to evade police for over 30years !!!!

Then Shaunelle, starts the season off the only way she can, with a case of a really shitty dad. This shitty dad has to be one of the worst we’ve ever come across because he held a title few (thankfully) have held before him ….. father-husband (no, that’s not a typo)

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