Re-release: Mama Knows Best and A Few Clueless Criminals

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Re-release: Mama Knows Best and A Few Clueless Criminals

Maybe it was the new mics and overall improved audio or maybe it was the fact that Susana was on a roll but whatever was in the air that day led to Shaunelle’s pick for best episode of the season.

If you’re familiar with our podcast then you know ridiculously convoluted DRAMA is our bread and butter. We blame our West Indian & Latina roots.

First up, Susana goes through the harrowing case of Marisela Escobedo’s quest for justice for her murdered daughter. The lies, the corruption, the psychological warfare weren’t enough to keep her quiet and she paid the ultimate price for her daughter to never be forgotten.

Then Shaunelle gives us the gift of 3 clueless criminal cases with increasing levels of stupidity and raised the ultimate question of p%$$y or prison ?

Check out our sources below:

And because I had to help point you in the direction of Bob and Fred please take a look at their disguises here:

One thought on “Re-release: Mama Knows Best and A Few Clueless Criminals”

  1. Great Episode as usual. Can’t wait for Susanna’s follow up of Taylor “mindyuhbusiness” The Delegators cracked me up…but that’s how it is right. The guy who does the real work gets paid less. Hahahaha. See / Hear you next week.

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