Gabriel Fernandez, Christmas Morning & Holiday Decor

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Gabriel Fernandez, Christmas Morning & Holiday Decor

We made it!!!!

Not just to the end of our first season but also to the bottom of two bottles of Trinidadian rum. As promised, in our last episode, we had a shot anytime one of our ride or die interruptions piped up. We came into this fully expecting the elevator to be our greatest foe but alas! twas Boni and her lumberjack snore that almost rendered us incoherent.

Our heads were ready to bust open by the end of this and we’ve vowed to never do it again.

First up, Susana takes us through the most heart wrenching case of child abuse we’ve ever heard of. If you know, you know and if you do know, bring the tissues because it never gets easier to hear what this baby had to go through in his short life. Susana ends her case with a little vigilante justice …and nobody can find it in them to be torn up about it.

As for Shaunelle, with her cases closing the episode (to be read: with her cases presented after she was 6 shots deep) a certain degree of slurred speech ought to be expected. With that said, she brings us the case of Za’zel Preston and what may amount to the worst Christmas morning….ever. Then she closes off the season with a very short, but potentially wholesome story about bringing the Christmas spirit.

It’s a heavy one and unfortunately timed with our promise of inebriation. We want to clearly and boldly state that the moments of levity in no way mean we are poking fun at an incredibly dark case and serious issue.

***Also Susana disrespected us all by repeatedly shaking her legs at the end of the episode due to a leg cramp.

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  1. Heart wrenching stories … But Terry Claus ended your year perfectly. Thank you for deciding to do this PODCAST!!
    Happy Holidays! All the best for the New Year… Waiting Impatiently for the New Season!!!

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