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Criminally Clueless Podcast
Probation & Topdog

If you asked us what didn’t interrupt us this week, we’d have a shorter explanation. You name it, we had it: door slams, elevator pings, ambulance sirens, crazy Pomeranian bedtime routines…all the B.S packed into one short episode.

*Due to an appointment and no other time to record, we do our very best to corral our opinions but Susana is pissssssed so you should expect a Venezuelan rant …or five.

Up first, with a truly angering recount of a case that screams (just SCREAMS) privilege!!! Susana delves into the disgusting case of Christopher Belter and the multiple rapes he perpetrated. We thought our disgust reached it’s peak learning about the remorseless way in which he carried out his crimes, but it went thermonuclear when we found out he had enablers every step of the way.

If you can believe it, it gets worse because that ole bitch, lady justice, swept in only to disappoint, as usual. Who’s surprised?!…Not us!

Then, on a slightly lighter note Shaunelle’s case is all about romance…online romance, that is. When 19 year old Marissa Williams’ relationship with her aunt turned sour she sought out the one person she thought she could trust, her new online love. Her plans for retribution were unexpectedly foiled and Marissa was caught by the long arm of the law. Who sold her out? and who the hell put a hit out on the family dog?!

All will be unpacked in this crazy tale of family drama, betrayal and attempted dogicide.

Check out our sources below:

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