Odd Oldies: A Vampire, A Romance & A Friendship from Hell

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Odd Oldies: A Vampire, A Romance & A Friendship from Hell

***It should be noted that there are 3 cases this week because we weren’t sure if Susana would be able to deliver on her case. Joy! she was, so now you get an extra treat

Our Halloween episode is here and we’re hitting you with the B.S straight out the gate this week. Albeit accidental, we have 3 (yes, three) tales for you…Straight up, the second tale is the most disturbing. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Don’t let the conservative clothing fool you, it turns out that back in the day morals were more of a concept… well at least that’s what we’ve deduced after learning about these cases. The brazen manner in which these atrocious acts were committed could’ve been attributed to a lack of DNA evidence and technology. Whatever the cause they were out and bad in the old days and these 3 cases prove that point.

There’s something wrong with Peter:

Without hesitation we can conclusively say that there is (was) something in fact wrong with Peter. He took his adolescent desire for blood into his adult years and didn’t earn the title “Vampire of Dusseldorf” for nothing. Although, his crimes were enough to induce nightmares, his final words are what really creeped us out.

Endless Love:

We’re using the word “love” because Count Blah Blah Blah probably really thought he was in love and for him that love would last a lifetime ….HIS lifetime. The ultimate story of a man unable to let go and his macabre take on the saying “rest In Peace” will all be unpacked….hey, if we can’t sleep, why should you?

Sh*t went down after Halloween

Susana gets literal and brings us a story of a friendship likely forged in the pits of hell. Two buddies successfully lured their victims for their shared gratification and in the end they committed 5 (known) murders and one “friend” ended up thrown under the bus. ***Susana forgets to mention that they were coined the Toolbox Killers. Forgive her, it’s all part of our structureless structure.

And if alllllll that isn’t enough , we’re providing unsolicited and likely incoherent dating advice at the end.


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  1. LOVED IT!!

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    Shout out to Susana (the third-place best friend – lol!) for being the new TikTok Manager!
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