Mejico & Dr. Revenge

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Mejico & Dr. Revenge

We’re all over the place with this episode. Susana’s new hairstyle, Anal Gland Expression (yikes), what colonics have in common with Star Trek and of course crime.

Susana is up first this week with another tale of injustice from where else? Mexico. Monterrey Mexico to be exact. Javier and Jorge were just a pair of best friends and enterprising young men with amazing futures ahead of them. Extremely intelligent and well rounded they were dedicated to putting in the time at school so they could reap the rewards later. Unfortunately, in a heart wrenching case of wrong place, wrong time, they would both be killed before realizing any of their dreams. Like that’s not bad enough (and because it’s a Susana case) the cover-up, the lies and the drama surrounding their deaths are the issues really up for discussion.

Then Shaunelle brings you a case of a doctor on a quest for revenge after (rightly) having his reputation and abilities as a physician questioned. Sadly, his victims would learn that getting in his way was a deadly mistake. Somebody bring a BP monitor STAT! because this Doc is salty AF and on a warpath.

***Some things to note: Susana says fire in this episode and she means firing and Shaunelle doesn’t know geography and may have confused Illinois with Indiana…whoopsie

Check out our sources below:

***And because we know people will go looking for the song, here is a link to Spragga Benz’s epic Pum Pum Conqueror. I think it’s fair to say that this lyrical genius is now the creator of Susana’s favorite song

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