Rent & A Rose is A Rose

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Rent & A Rose is A Rose

You already know, we are the Mayors of struggle city so just because we made it to this milestone of episode 10 ain’t mean sh*t’s changed.

With that said, it seems for our first episode in the double digits we decided to go all out and no topic is off the table.

If you are easily offended by topics including (but not limited to):

  • vaccinated people, as well as celebrity outta timin tweets about vaccination
  • violence against indigenous women
  • techniques of pussession (new term, just coined it literally means use of p*ssy to possess someone)
  • references to Bill Cosby
  • naughty nuns and rape in the catholic church

THIS IS NOT THE EPISODE FOR YOU!!!!! Think of this as the ominous sign at the top of the dark trail warning you to turn back. No hard feelings. Just skip this one.

First up, Shaunelle takes us through the horrific murder of young, pregnant, indigenous woman Loretta Saunders. Despite the swift action taken by authorities (due largely in part to Loretta being misidentified) they were not able to save Loretta. In the end, her murderer’s revealed that her death came down to a frivolous dare. That’s right, one life for one dare (yes, we can’t believe it either).

Then, Susana (who was apparently was in the mood to stir sh*t) comes to us with a case of rape in the Catholic Church. Surprisingly, the perpetrators were the most unexpected part. To paraphrase Susana “nobody suspects the nuns so they continue to get away with it”.

This episode is honest, intense and probably more than you bargained for.

Check out our sources below:–%20A%20woman%20serving%20a%20life%20sentence,Saunders%2C%20a%20young%20Inuk%20woman%2C%20six%20years%20ago.

One thought on “Rent & A Rose is A Rose”

  1. Once again – intriguing, informative and entertaining. Congrats on your 10th Episode!!

    I’m proud of you for keeping the plight of the First Nation People alive. I hope you expand your interest to all Indigenous persons and others who have been left behind or not paid attention to simply because of their race.
    Being Trinbagonian I am absolutely outraged at Onika for her ridiculous comments. But all I can say to her is “ketch yuhself”
    Both of these cases were new to me and quite alarming. You hear of the Priests involved in these things – never the Nuns. Way to go Ladies!

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