Misdiagnosis & The Murder of Kevin Bacon

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Misdiagnosis & The Murder of Kevin Bacon

We are the first to tell you that we are NOT reliable resources for any information that could impact your life in any way so we should not need to tell you all that our views on mental health and any suggestions made in that regard do NOT stem from any sort of professional authority. What we lack in knowledge, we more than make up for with our willingness to learn and understand.

To be fair though, we call ourselves clueless for a reason so I wouldn’t hold out for us to get it perfect …..ever.

Susana is up first this week with a story of a young man failed by (our contender for jackass of the year) “the system”. He slipped so far through the cracks, despite his father’s attempts to get him help, that his unstable mental state and affinity for violence were both essentially weaponized resulting in murder. A murder which could’ve been prevented.

Then Shaunelle covers the horrifying case of a young man named Kevin Bacon (no known relation to Hollywood’s Kevin Bacon) and how this man was lured to his death by a homicidal cannibal. The question we’re left with is whether or not the murderers mental health played a part in the crime.

Lots to unpack this week.

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