Drink Your Water and Mind Your Husband’s Business

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Drink Your Water and Mind Your Husband's Business

This is a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster case. Why? you ask, well It’s comprised of two separate recordings. After weeks of trying to share a case (which shall remain nameless), a series of comical and honestly unfortunate events resulted in us, not only, scrapping the case but also blessing the apartment to ward off bad juju. This means that you will notice a difference in the audio sounds due to a new set up |(feel free to comment). Also, Angela If you’re reading this, it was just a misunderstanding.

Husbands will be husbands right ?

In our first case, Shaunelle will delve into the disturbed world of notorious serial killer Jerry Brudos and his extreme fetish. Two words: breast paperweights. If that didn’t paint a picture we don’t know what will.

Then Susana takes us back to the 90’s with the infamous Amy Fisher case i.e the underaged, spurned ex-lover with killer aim case. How this story unfolded is still fascinating to this day…..almost as fascinating as where they all ended up.

In both cases the wives of these men had no idea what they were up to until it was too late so we’re recommending you drink you water and mind your husband’s business…..it could save someone’s life, even yours.

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2 thoughts on “Drink Your Water and Mind Your Husband’s Business”

  1. Another eye opening, “Say What” episode. I remember the Buttafuocos’ case crazy. Melissa Milano played Amy in one of the made for TV movies. Didn’t know what happened after with all the jail time and sex working. Nice to have some follow up.
    Jerry – though WoW! I’m always looking for another season of Mind Hunters 🙂
    Keep it up ladies.
    I’m in TT listening to you and looking for Nikki Cousin friend with the big balls..hahahaha

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