Families Seeking justice and Men Ain’t S*#t

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Families Seeking justice and Men Ain't S*#t

But first, a note from our non-sponsor Tylenol 3: You’re in for a real treat this week! Susana showed up to our recording session high off her ass on her post op medication, amped up about her case and unable to consistently speak directly into the mic. You should expect an increased disregard for pronunciation as well as an array of Mother F bombs.

***Trust us, it was enough that we’re considering censorship for future episodes.

First up, our post-op podcaster takes a deep dive into the clusterF*%k handling of the Vanessa Guillen case. Vanessa had a life long dream of serving her country in the military and was happy to take up a post at Fort Hood only to have her dreams destroyed at the hands of a selfish and sadistic fellow soldier. Her mother, Gloria, isn’t taking her death lying down and we’re the newest members of her fan club.

Then we discuss invisibility …..no we aren’t hoping for a revival of the fantastic 4, we’re in fact delving into the serious issue of the invisibility of minority women to people in positions of authority. Specifically, we’re discussing the case of Sarah Butler and why her death could’ve been prevented if a certain predator didn’t see black women as expendable and law enforcement didn’t double down on that notion by their complete inaction.

We stumbled into a theme because in both cases families are seeking justice for the lives of their daughters snuffed out at the hands of ain’t s*#t men.

It’s the heavy episode you never knew you needed. Buckle up!

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