A Frenemy and A Husband’s Betrayal

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
A Frenemy and A Husband's Betrayal


*The two topics in this episode got us both pretty heated and without realizing it I ( humble blogger Shaunelle) started speaking a little too fast.

The first story is enough to take you back to those turbulent tween (are these still a thing?) / teen days. With misunderstood intentions and lots of jealousy it’s enough to make you wonder whether or not you’re reading an entry in that diary we all know you had. Unfortunately, the frenemies of this story don’t just drift apart and go on to cyber stalk each other on Instagram …… this frenemy story ends in murder.

For our next story we strongly recommend a drink, or 10 because only complete inebriation can help you process the absolute dumpster fire of a human that is Rachel’s Jackass ex-man. His unforgiveable betrayal and a woman’s quest for justice are all unpacked at the link above or wherever you get your podcast fix.

***please also enjoy the links to the performers I mentioned at the start of the episode as well as my pronunciation of the word prosecution .


Check out our sources below:

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3 thoughts on “A Frenemy and A Husband’s Betrayal”

  1. Susana, Shaunelle
    Love your banter. Love this.
    I agree the only other reason for getting the drinks so early could only be to tamper with it.
    Some of cases are new to me. Keep it up.
    BTW I love looking them up online while listening. I’ve been sharing your link 🙂

  2. DAMN
    okay where to start… these episodes are getting better and better annnnd i Google the cases as I listen (unless I am driving)

    I will NOT let anyone order my drink in advance. especially if we not on good terms.

    As for the second story, that ex husband should rot in hell,.

    blessings and keep it up… i am hooked

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