Like The Teaser Said: We’re Coming In Hotttttt!!!!

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Like The Teaser Said: We're Coming In Hotttttt!!!!

That may mean it’s burning up in flames but we don’t care.

On this, the eve of our official launch, I just want to prepare you for what’s about to happen….

Firstly pronunciation is subjective over here. It’s hard to unlearn things like a native tongue so be ready for questionable vowels and lots of Tringlish (Trinidadian English). If you’re interested I will set up a podcast dictionary anytime I accidentally slip into what’s most familiar. Additionally, neither of us can pronounce our podcast name well so that’s a treat you can expect regularly.

For this teaser I just wanted to let you know why I’m the most qualified person to chat your ear off about various scandals and Susana gives a shout out to her adorable motivators i.e. her daughters Emma and Karen. We’re ready to try something new, scary and exciting. We hope you’re in for the ride. buckle up cuz we don’t know where we’re going or how to get there.

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