Another True Crime Podcast ?! Who Needs It ?!

Criminally Clueless Podcast
Criminally Clueless Podcast
Another True Crime Podcast ?! Who Needs It ?!

You ! You need it and we need it too.

Susana and I (Shaunelle, a.ka. your humble blogger) are in for a change of pace. Tired of the rinse repeat humdrum of everyday life we figured out, after kind of surviving the pandemic (***it’s still going on so we can’t call it a win yet), that life is NOT about just existing. After very little consideration, we very quickly realized that we enjoy crime (as macabre as it sounds) and we are always riled up about the latest injustice. The reality is that we would be talking anyway, we always have tonnes to say and we figured if we’re gonna watch it and talk about it, why not bring it to the people?!!!!

We also have a pretty compelling reason for wanting to make it big and her name is Boni. Boni is a Pomeranian, who by a series of comical, and quite frankly fortunate for her, events resulted in her being adopted by me. Boni has a host of medical issues that I won’t bore you with out gate but needless to say she puts the expense in expensive and we need to hustle hard to pay her way to wellness. What she lacks in frugality she makes up for by being the most adorable dog on the planet and therefore I had no choice but to save her.

Things to note :

  • We plan to release new episodes weekly
  • We would love to hear from you in our DM’s, on this site or via email
  • If you ever have a case you’d like us to cover feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you
  • We aren’t professionals but we aren’t going to let that stop us

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